Market Entry Strategy

Market Entry Strategy

Describing your customer base is a vital step when trying to build an effective sales organization as it will help you in your marketing process.

In B2b activities, a customer is a physical individual who makes decisions about purchase.

Once your target is fixed, there are a number of analyses that need to be undertaken before committing to any strategic decision, among which:

Detailed Methodology

[pc-pvt-content allow=”82″ message=”Restricted content, please login.”]DEVELOPING THE MARKET ENTRY STRATEGY

UBIC understands that finding a competitive advantage is crucial when a company is entering into a new business field. That’s why, in this module, UBIC will help you develop a market entry strategy that will comprise a value proposition, goals, objectives and key milestones to be achieved during the first years of new market penetration.

With over 30 years of experience in the market place, UBIC has gained expertise in food, food ingredients and biotech industries. This wide knowledge has enabled UBIC to help many organizations build and evaluate their Marketing strategy. We perform this activity by carrying out the market research, analyze the client’s capabilities and potentials and by creating a business plan tailored to his requirements. Moreover, we assist the client along the way in order to help implement the new market entry business plan.

Key coverage areas of this module will include:

UBIC will assist in the establishment of the Market Entry Business Plan, while involving its clients during all steps of the process.

Several steps, which are the marketing mix of the product, will be described as follows:

  • Product definition,
  • Price fixing,
  • Service,
  • Distribution,
  • Promotion.


The execution plan will depend on the strategy selected by the company. It is the implementation phase of the project. This is also the phase where the company’s management will get the knowledge of the consultant transferred. Moreover, UBIC would participate in the strategy process and would also provide training in strategic management.