Business Model

Business Model

UBIC-Consulting has developed it’s business model to meet the current and future demands of the food, food-ingredients, chemical and biotech sectors.
UBIC-Consulting is a business to business marketing and consulting firm. Created in 1987, it relies on an international network of offices and affiliates in 14 countries.
The company operates with a base of regular clients. Over 800 international companies, including the majors, have worked with UBIC-Consulting. Throughout the years, UBIC-Consulting has built up a great resource of in-house information and a large network of worldwide contacts.
UBIC-Consulting has carried out studies, technical scanning and strategic consultancy for companies across the world. UBIC-Consulting has developed a specific approach for each of those domains, implemented by consultants with practical experience who can help and assist you quickly and effectively with your current problems. With offices in the USA and Europe, and partners in Asia and Latin America, UBIC-Consulting is well placed to provide high quality assistance to its clients in respect of a wide range of countries.
Industries in which UBIC-Consulting is active
UBIC-Consulting’s field of work covers :

Through its comprehensive market reports, UBIC-Consulting is looking to create a clear market view for its customers while increasing their market experience by highlighting the trends, identifying new markets/applications and finding new prospects/clients. UBIC-Consulting also helps its clients by testing new products with potential customers and to achieve better results and a stronger market position.
UBIC-Consulting’s studies include Scientific Scanning based on patents and desk search as well as experts interviews.
Additionally, with its Business Access softwares, UBIC-Consulting targets to optimize its clients business solutions.



Formally working at corporate management level in marketing and strategic planning or technical positions, the consultants are accustomed to highly technology environments. They currently master one or both of the competencies :

  • Marketing and Strategic formulation
  • Food Technology, Chemistry and Biotechnology
  • Engineering