New Product Development

To elaborate new concepts of products or new ingredients, UBIC has designed a multi-disciplinary approach focusing on:

  • Market trends
  • Nutrition issues
  • Industrial users and consumer reactions to new concepts of products
    Expectations of Food, Pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturers

This methodology can be used to define new ideas of products, new products for given ideas, new developments based on existing products, valorize new technologies, etc.
More practically, UBIC performs desk researches, brainstorming with experts, analysis of selected market segments and an evaluation of their attractiveness, product prototype guides and development proposal.


This approach is through interviews made with nutrition specialists. It describes the trends in terms of the use of the different products /ingredients, the advantages and drawbacks of each product /ingredient, as well as the physiological specificities of the local populations (energy needs, metabolism deficiencies, etc.).

Consumer groups

  • On the basis of results from consumer groups describing their perception of the relationship between food and health, as well as their expectations, it is possible to design new products / ingredient building blocks concepts
  • The analysis of the fit in terms of image between new "functional foods" and the nutraceuticals used provides the best way to increase the chances of success for and durability of new products launched on the market