Marketing audit


UBIC offers an integrated audit from the industrial client, right forward to the consumer or end-user. UBIC has developed a range of tools that helps to analyze and isolate the major problems linked to new market developments or to market or sector changes and, in turn, to propose solutions and answers. UBIC helps to provide the marketing audit to the companies at all the stages of their marketing processes. These audits can be performed for small and medium sized companies or within larger groups.

The methods adopted by UBIC are developed by the specialists in this field who have proven experience in the life science industries.


A marketing audit is a dynamic analysis tool helping to evaluate the coherence between the marketing activities and the company’s business environment. The Marketing Audit focuses first on understanding the market needs and the gap of the company with those needs.



A second objective of the Marketing Audit is to evaluate the transformation made of the market understanding into product definition and positioning as well as into marketing and selling actions.


Analysis Product


A third dimension of the Marketing Audit is to evaluate the impact that the above mentioned items have on the current organization. As a matter of facts, the best marketing cannot succeed if the organization is not adapted. Any new development in a company, for example; changes in the purchasing patterns, which involves centralization of the buying function, has a profound impact on the industrial structures. It is important to first acknowledge such trends and then, as a consequence, to reorganize and adapt each company to its new environment.

The marketing audit should be undertaken by keeping not only the short term perspective in mind but also the middle and long term perspective should be taken into consideration.

The impacts of various marketing activities of the organization are listed below:

adapt market