General business terms and conditions for multiclient studies

These general business terms and conditions shall be applicable in all cases, except where otherwise agreed or stipulated in contracts or initial proposals.


UBIC reserves to itself the right to conduct its activities as it sees fit, and in particular with regard to the choice of consultants or sub-contractors.

Unless otherwise specified, out-of pocket or other legitimate expenses are not included in our fees or fee quotations.


Price are fixed and agreed following stipulation in contracts or initial proposals.


The update cost is 15% of the purchasing cost per year. The updates are at the discretion of UBIC. The update will concern the general public statistics and parts of the reports.


Studies are payable in advance.
Invoices are payable by credit card or bank draft to a nominated account in pre-payment terms.


Unless otherwise specifically agreed with the client, UBIC reserves the right to work on similar or analogous subjects with other clients.

UBIC will keep strictly confidential all information that will have been provided by a client in connection with a specific report. In particular, UBIC will observe strict confidentiality on information of a technical or commercial nature, the property of the client and provided by it.

UBIC will further guarantee the confidentiality of its activities and will strictly protect the interests of its clients.


All agreement shall be construed, governed and enforced in accordance with the laws and practices of the Swiss Court. In case of disagreement, an arrangement shall be sought through an arbitration procedure. Each party shall be entitled to select an arbitrator. In the absence of the designation by the defendant party of an arbitrator within a period of two weeks, the selection of the said arbitrator shall be made by the president of the Swiss Court.