Casein and Caseinates World Market

The demand for casein is important in companies of milk products such as powder cream for coffee bleaching and infantile powders.

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Casein is the most found protein in milk and contains 21 amino acids. It makes up approximately 80% of the total milk protein. Because of its healthy aspect, it is one of the most important minerals we need every day for living and of high nutritional value. They are known as carriers of calcium, zinc, copper, iron and phosphate ions in the body. In fact, caseins are the main source of calcium (calcium caseinates), essential to humans in terms of growth and strength of bones, they are unique proteins due to their ability to carry bio-available calcium. Lack of adequate calcium in our diet has been identified as being the reason for considerable number of people suffering from osteoporosis. This study gives an overview of the market of these two important dairy ingredients.