The World Protein Ingredient Market

Proteins today are essential in nutritional sectors, this new report from Ubic analyses the nutritional market for proteins and the competition between the different sources of proteins. Key words: milk proteins, vegetable proteins, protein hydrolysate
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Update 2017

Proteins are assembled from their basic unit amino acids; about 20 to 22 amino acids are commonly found into proteins. Amino acids are classified in essentials and non essential. There are nine essential amino acids required in the diet. As the human is not able to synthesize those amino acids they must be brought by the food.

Proteins are used either for their nutritional value or their functional properties. Everybody needs food proteins. The amounts needed depend on one’s body size, metabolism and period of life (growth, pregnancy, etc.

Extra protein beyond the daily requirement will not make extra

muscle or grow hair faster or protect against diseases. Protein beyond what is needed is either broken down and used for energy, or it is stored

in fat cells. A too low protein diet will result in a gradual breakdown of body tissue protein, loss of muscle mass and metabolic disorders