Dairy Nutritional and Nutraceutical Ingredient Market

Nutraceutical market segments accounted for 18% of the world market of dairy proteins. This demand is constantly increasing. In Europe, usage for these sectors is less important but an increase in utilization is also expected. Key words: Milk ingredien

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Update 2014

Areas: Market, Technology, Scientific reviews, Legislation, Health Ingredients, Functional foods
Countries covered: USA, Europe, Japan
Duration of the study: 15 months

Main milk proteins

Lactose and derivatives


Purified milk fractions



Bioactive peptides



This study is based on a comprehensive analysis of the main three geographical area and in-depth interviews with Food producers. It provides for decision-makers a global understanding of the sector and a preview of its future.

A number of studies indicate the growing demand from consumers for improved health, and at the same time, an increasing awareness of the link between nutrition and health.

This explains in part the rapid growth in the markets for healthy foods; functional yogurts, enriched cereals and milk, nutritional supplements and sports drinks have all laid the groundwork for the development of a large and global nutraceuticals market.

As we have mentioned before in our global nutraceutical market review, the nutraceutical market is hard to predict because of several barriers. As a company who wants to become a player in this market, you may face problems related to scientific data, product positioning, regulation, consumer awareness and segmentation. Dairy products related to health make a large part of the nutraceutical market. Therefore, in this rapidly expending market, dairy ingredients are easy to use as nutraceuticals due to their healthy image and their application field is expending. This report provides necessary information to enter or position your company on this market.


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