The Bioactive Compounds Of Coffee

UBIC’s report presents some major information related to coffee with a special focus on its composition of bioactive compounds and the effects of these compounds on health matters.

Download a brochure (PDF): The Bioactive Compounds Of Coffee

Update 2017

Coffee’s main bioactive compounds are now known to affect human health particularly for diseases like cardiovascular, Alzheimer’s or type 2 diabetes. These compounds extracted from the lipid fraction like chlorogenic acids, caffeine, Trigonelline, soluble fiber, and diterpenes are most likely to be bioactive, and they may also be important contributors to the beverage flavor after roasting. Some minor phenolic compounds such as anthocyanins and lignans have been identified in green coffee seeds and traces of theophylline and theobromine also reported as caffeine metabolites. Ubic’s research reviews scientific information on the bioactives fractions of coffee while providing a brief description of the current global coffee bioactives potential market.