Technical Scanning

UBIC-Consulting has developed unique relationships with a large number of universities, basic research laboratories and associations (especially in nutrition and health), applied research laboratories in nutrition as well as ingredient manufacturers and biotech companies.

Through this large collaborative network, UBIC-Consulting can gather valuable expertise on trends and the potentialities of nutraceutical ingredients and technology development. In depth interviews, these experts guide us in our decision making processes concerning the analysis of potentially valuable compounds or technologies.

  • Technological Sciences
  • Existing ingredients : characterization and source
  • The technology used for extraction
  • The technology used for formulation
  • Application
  • New products
  • New technologies
  • Biological Sciences
  • Trends and advances in biological research
  • Ingredient and health threats
  • Benefits
  • Synergy with other healthy ingredients
  • Health fields and pathologies of application


  • Scientific advances in ingredient-health interaction : Further development and new field of potentiality
  • Identification of valuable ingredients and technologies currently under scientific scrutiny and pilot development (with special emphasis on the health industry : drugs, OTC, food supplements, health foods).


Biological  Scanning


Technology  Scanning

Potential physiological fields of application

Desk research

Scientific database

Scientific literature



In-house database

Patent databases

Specialized literature



Gastrointestinal care

Drug Carriers

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Oral care


Drug Absorption Facilitators