Nutrigenomics – Individual Nutrition : What Future?

The Human Genome Project revealed a total number of human genes far less than all expectations. So, beyond information itself the way it is used is much more critical. This is why new researches have focused on epigenetics.

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Update 2017

Few years ago the food industry began a segmentation of its production in order to reach specific consumer groups, i.e. women, men, children, teen-agers and seniors. This evolution could carry on until the realisation of the nutrigenomics concept, which can be defined as the conception of food products adapted to the specific needs of everybody.

After a complete metabolic check-up everyone would have the opportunity to choose, among a large set of recommended products, the foods that are best adapted to his/her personal metabolic profile.

For example: according to a leading specialist, the environment, the behaviour and special emphasis on diet could act on some genes predisposing to cardiovascular disease.

The aim is to develop the science to a marketable food product, which may be marketed soon. Genetic testing is available and rapidly offering more comprehensive results. There are commercial companies offering personalised nutrition services based on testing. Personalised foods are predicted to be launched on the market in 3 to 10 years.

Objectives of the study:

  • Identify main topics and stage of research and the research labs implicated in specialized nutrition/nutrigenomics.
  • Interviews of research labs, food and food ingredient manufacturers to anticipate the possible speed of diffusion of diets based on genotypes
  • Analyse the regulation and describe communication and distribution issues providing some guidelines for implementation.
  • Review main factors that will drive the market
  • Identify impact of nutrigenomics on new food products development and food ingredient.