Milk Protein Concentrate and Total Milk Protein

Milk protein concentrate (MPC) is skim milk that has been concentrated by ultra-filtration to retain most of the protein (casein and whey proteins) while removing much of the water and some of the lactose, ash and other solids. Key words: whey protein.


Milk can produce three different protein types: whole milk protein, whey and casein. Whole milk protein is regular milk purified for higher protein, less fat and lactose. Milk protein powders vary in protein content from 40% – 92%, if under 88% protein the industry calls it milk protein concentrates (MPC), if over 88% protein it is considered milk protein isolate (MPI). Manufacturers generally label milk protein as a concentrate (MPC), isolate (MPI), or something called total milk protein (TMP). Most companies do not tell you how many grams of protein are coming from MPC, MPI or TMP on the label.

Milk protein concentrates (MPC) are used in a wide range of foods from ice cream, nutrition bars, processed cheese products and baked goods. Like SMP, MPC is used as a source of dairy protein in prepared foods because its bland flavor allows other flavors to develop fully. It adds opacity to reduced-fat food formulations; its functional properties include improved viscosity, mouthfeel, emulsification, water binding and a favorable nutritional profile.