Food Texturing Agents in Europe

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Update 2017

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Attractiveness of the European market
On the European food market estimated to 802 billion $ in 2008, texturing agents represent today 0.6% in value of this market. The texture and appearance of foods are often important factors for the end consumer in deciding on the freshness, the harmlessness and the quality products. In addition, the increasing penetration of microwave ovens, together with an increase in the number of one and two member households, and of working women, have shifted demand towards “snacks” and ready-cooked meals. These high added value products require more elaborate industrial processes, more specific technical specifications, and increased attention towards their stability over time. Texturing agents have therefore become one of the key elements of success for these products and for food industry manufacturers.

Study scope
One hundred companies have been interviewed in the various market segment. The study contains the consumption of texturing agents for each one, their expectations in terms of new products and their criteria for selecting supplier.

Ingredients studied
Galactomannans ; Pectin ; Alginates ; Carrageenans ; Agars ; Gelatins ; Milk proteins ; Cellulose derivatives ; Starches ; Xanthan ; Gellane ; Inulin ; Fructo-oligosaccharides…