Fine Chemicals from Hen Egg

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Update 2017

For centuries the egg was known as a perfect and highly nutritious food providing the most complete, and therefore the highest quality proteins, all necessary vitamins except vitamin C, and minerals. Egg contains cholesterol, and has been suspected as deleterious to the cardiovascular system by many commentators, some doctors, and by a large percentage of the population.

This led to a decline in egg consumption since the early seventies. More recent studies exonerated the egg from this suspicion.
This study reports some of the non-food uses of egg fractions. Many of these are still being researched. Some are already in production and already provide new and improved products in many sectors, particularly in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Some of these products can be extracted from egg white or yolk without denaturation of the remaining by-product, but many utilize the whole egg. Now, egg and egg products are entering a new favourable era because of new expectations brought by basic investigation.