The benchmarking approach analyses the sources of competitiveness in the industry, comparing performance and best practice as well as organisational factors. The objective is to identify the underlying operating techniques and leadership skills that lay the foundation for success. By building up a solid base of facts, benchmarking develops knowledge that can lead to the formulation of action programs. The methodology employed compares each benchmarking partner’s position with that of its competitors for different elements of the value chain in a number of areas (Marketing, Sales, R&D, Production etc…). It then aims at developing an understanding of the reasons for the differences observed.


The methodology employed by UBIC consists of two steps:

  • Evaluate the gap

The benchmarking process first selects performance indicators and a number of variables as potential explanatory factors. As benchmarking is essentially a quantitative method, metrics must be found to quantify those performance indicators and variables


  • Explain the gap

The analysis consists of several steps :

  1. Comparing the quantitative performance indicators and variables and identifying gaps between the results for the various benchmarking partners.
  2. Contacting the benchmarking partners again on key points where refinement of some data is required and certain figures need to be explained. This is an essential step as it allows data to be checked and all the information hidden behind the figures to be extracted. This procedure is carried out with all the partners.
  3. Choice and calculation of different indicators. These allow the companies to be ranked under different headings.

Each comparison will focus on the understanding of the reasons for differences. This will be achieved by intersecting the curves of different variables and plotting the relationships between them.

For benchmarking assessments, UBIC works with a recognized international expert in Benchmarking, Kärlof Consulting .

Examples :

  • International Benchmarking Study on the Dairy Ingredients Industry
  • International Benchmarking of the Flavoring Industry
  • International Benchmarking of the texturing Agent Industry