Anthocyans are composed of anthocyanidins (mainly 6) associated to different sugars and/or acetylated sugar. There exist more than 250 types of anthocyans.

Anthocyanes of grapes (non hybrid wineplants) comport one glucosyl group. (This property allows particularly to control by chromatography that wines are not cut with a hybrifd product). Acetylated anthocyans, by their properties of increased resistance to pH, light, heat and SO are very promising as natural pigment in the food industry.

Anthocyans can potentially be valorized in the following segments:

    • Drinks
    • Jams & fruit preparations
    • prepared desserts
    • confectionery
    • ice cream
    • pastry

In the US, the use of anthocyans issued from grapes is stronly restricited in food products.